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Updating Your Signs: Repair, Retrofit or Replace?

Updating Your Signs: Repair, Retrofit or Replace?

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  1. Repairing Your Sign
  2. Retrofitting Your Sign
  3. Replacing Your Sign

Attractive, quality signage is key to any business.  It often has to catch the eye of motorists and pedestrians alike. Of course, it must also communicate quality. A sign that’s outdated or in disrepair says to prospects and customers that quality is not a key concern of management, which could discourage visitors and even diminish sales.

If your outdoor sign is out-of-date or has seen better days, it’s probably time to improve your company’s “curb appeal.” But, what should you do? When it comes to updating your signage, you have three main options: repair, retrofit or replace — each choice with its own plusses and minuses.

1. Repairing Your Sign

Some signs have an up-to-date design that reflects your brand perfectly but simply needs a few repairs. Whether your retail signage is missing a few light bulbs, requires a new paint job or needs to be refastened to your building, repairing it can be the most simple and cost-effective way to improve its look, feel and appeal.

Even if your sign has lost letters, trim, or other important details, it’s often still possible to simply repair it. Professional signage companies can recreate custom pieces to match the look of your original sign. Don’t give up on your old sign simply because it’s faded or missing a few pieces!

Pros and Cons of Repair Work

A prime reason to choose repair work rather than a complete replacement is cost. It’s almost always more economical to refurbish an original sign than to replace it, particularly with larger examples.

Replacing a familiar storefront sign can cause customers to become confused; it can give the appearance that your business is under new management. Sometimes a good cleaning or repainting is all you need!

On the negative side, a faded or broken sign can often be easily fixed but an outdated sign that doesn’t accurately reflect your brand or business focus may need to be replaced. Significant repair work can sometimes cost almost as much as buying a new sign.

Then, too, signage that gets too old often become like wallpaper — always there but often unnoticed! So, if your signage is old or heavily damaged, you may want to consider replacing it entirely to renew customer interest in it.


2. Retrofitting Your Sign

Gone are the days when large incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights or neon tubes were the latest lighting style. Retrofitting your illuminated sign can give you one that’s as energy efficient and cost-effective as the most modern options.

With the use of LED lighting (i.e., light-emitting diodes), your sign will not only look brighter, but it will also save you money on your energy bill. If your sign doesn't currently use any lighting, many signage providers are expert at retrofitting them to include illumination.

Whether you need changing message displays to feature your daily announcements or simply require a brighter and memorable logo and name, the latest business signage uses LED lighting to stand out!

Pros and Cons of Retrofitting

A retrofitted sign will likely be more economical than a new purchase. With new LEDs — and without inefficient incandescent, fluorescent or neon lighting — you’ll enjoy lower monthly energy bills and fewer bulb replacement service calls. LED lights last up to 10 years without maintenance, which is far longer than traditional lighting options.

Of course, retrofitting isn't for every sign. Some simply aren't able to include lighting easily. In many cases, it makes more sense to update your signage in every aspect with a brand new one. With it, you'll adhere to the latest municipal regulations, benefit the newest best practices, and gain the most from your investment over time.


3. Replacing Your Sign

Sometimes you need a totally new sign to refresh your branding and attract new customers. Whether your sign displays an outdated logo, incorrect information or could benefit from new or brighter illumination, repairs or retrofits can’t always provide a good solution. In these instances, you need a new custom sign that’s designed and installed by professional signage provider.

Enjoy the process! There’s a wide range of signs available. These include state-of-the-art electronic message centers (EMCs) and 3D signs (i.e., three-dimensional, featuring depth as well as height and width) to simpler (but effective!) light boxes and two-dimensional storefront signs.

You’ll want to consider your communication objectives, branding requirements and promotional budget when working with your signage provider.

Pros and Cons of Replacement

Replacing your sign can signal a dramatic switch in your business. If you’ve refreshed your menu, upgraded your service or given your entire business a facelift, a new sign can help your customers prepare for a fresh, new approach to your business. New signage is also a great way to answer common questions in your business or add updated information to your sign.

Another plus? Built with newer materials and techniques, new signs often last longer than those they replace. Many newer signs, like LED signage, requires little or no maintenance.

All that said, replacing your sign is often a greater investment than a repair or retrofit. A full replacement can also take more time. First, you’ll need to meet with your signage provider and discuss design options. Municipal permitting can add days or weeks to the process. Once you’ve finalized your design, you’ll have to wait for it to be fabricated. Delivery, removing your old sign and installing your new one will also require time. Of course, all the while, your current sign will still be hard at work.

Ready to begin? Look to Image360® for any or all your needs.

Image360 is your all-in-one source for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform. We work with you closely from imagination through installation to attain the high quality you seek, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. This, of course, includes exploring the best options available for updating your signage. Contact us or drop by today to discover the many ways we can help you.   

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