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Advertise, Inform, and Point the Way with Vinyl Floor Graphics

Advertise, Inform, and Point the Way with Vinyl Floor Graphics

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What's beneath your feet right now? Carpet, wood, concrete or tile? All valid responses, but there’s more than just flooring: an opportunity to connect with your customers which you may not be utilizing to its full advantage!

Vinyl floor graphics offered by Image360® are a versatile way to communicate; they can be used for marketing purposes but that's just the beginning. Floor graphics can be used to point the way to certain areas of your store and help your customers find what they need. They can also be used to warn customers and employees alike of hazards in an area and help to keep people safe.

These graphics can be changed with the seasons and used to announce sales or special one-time events. Depending on the options you choose, they can go just about anywhere to help introduce you to a wider audience.

Semi-Permanent or Removable

You can choose between vinyl floor graphics that are semi-permanent and floor graphics that are removable. Semi-permanent floor graphics are useful to greet visitors to your establishment with your company name and logo. These long-lasting vinyl floor graphics are also useful to point the way to certain areas or to advise people of safety measures that must be taken in a particular area.

For example, if you have a door to a storage area that closes automatically or swings in more than one direction, a vinyl floor graphic can warn people of the potential hazard. If you have an area in which hardhats or safety goggles must be worn, a floor graphic can let people know, while a removable floor sticker may be preferable for a short-term hazard, such as an area or fixture that is currently undergoing repairs or renovations.

However, removable vinyl floor graphics needn't be confined to your physical location. They can go along with you wherever you need them in order to announce your company to the world. For example, if you attend promotional events such as trade shows, you'll be competing for attention against a lot of different competitors. A removable floor decal featuring your company name and logo is one way of making your business stand out from the others and capturing people's attention, and it can be customized to match the existing accessories at your booth. When you're done with one show, simply remove the floor graphic along with the rest of your booth accessories and head on to the next show.

Indoor Floor Graphics or Outdoor Floor Graphics

Another great advantage of vinyl floor graphics is that you can them apply indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor vinyl floor graphics are great to use for seasonal promotions and special events such as a summer sidewalk sale, during which your storefront is likely to see an increase in foot traffic.

Whether you choose indoor floor graphics or the outdoor variety, they can adhere to just about any surface:

Special Features

Preventing slip-and-fall accidents is one of the foremost concerns of any business owner; not only can valued customers and employees come to harm as a result of such an accident, but the costs associated with them (medical bills, legal fees, etc.) can be damaging as well. Better to prevent such accidents from occurring in the first place, and that's why our custom vinyl floor graphics are non-skid so that they will stay in place and those who walk on them can retain a sure footing.

Another desirable feature is that floor graphics offer a variety of options in regard to shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be customized with the design of your choice. You can install them yourself, or you can rely on our team of experts.

Other Uses for Custom Floor Graphics

Stay a Few Steps Ahead of the Competition with Floor Graphics from Image360!

Bring sketches, graphics, logos or simply your rough ideas to your local Image360 and we will discuss the possibilities in vinyl floor graphics. Experts in signage, graphics and displays, we’ll find an affordable solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations! Use our store locator to find the location nearest to you. Check out our website and see what other products and services we offer.

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