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7 Ideas To Create Awesome Event Signage

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Are you getting ready to exhibit at an upcoming event or trade show?

No matter what type of exhibit, awesome event signage is what's going to put you over the top.

We've gathered some of the top ways to incorporate signs and displays into your exhibit. Branding is important and we want your guests to be impressed beyond belief.

Take a look at some of our ideas for excellent event signage.

1. Directional Signage

No matter what kind of event you are putting together, your guests will need guidance. They need to know where to park and how to get to your event from the parking lot.

You'll want to have clear, concise directional signage. Don't clutter your signs up with too many images.

Just make sure that the signs have the name of your event on them and a large arrow.

You should actually go to the venue, if possible, in advance and figure out where you're going to put the directional signs.

If small posters aren't going to be enough, you can have an event signage company make a larger "sandwich board" (also known as a-frames) that will be more visible to guests.

2. Zoning

Zoning signage can come in handy for larger events, like business conferences. You'll want to create wall hangings and freestanding signs that help your guests navigate their way through a busy conference.

Where should I eat? Which way to the hotel? When you're dealing with hundreds or thousands of people, you need to make sure that your conference signs are posted high above the crowd.

Professional sign makers can help you come up with event signage ideas. Again, you should scout your location well in advance of the event date.

Take pictures and video so that your signage maker can see what you're working with.

3. Floors and Staircases

Never miss a branding opportunity again. It's so easy nowadays to create event signs that stick easily to floors and staircases. You can even cover an escalator with event signage.

When you're thinking about creating signs or decals for larger spaces, stick to an easily-recognizable logo. You need to eliminate visual clutter.

The rule of thumb is to avoid putting too many words on floors or staircases. It's better to brand with photographs and graphics. It's just easier to read if the space gets crowded.

Make sure you measure the height of the stairs before you place your order. It's important to get the measurements correct to make the signage.

Talk to an event signage professional. They can help you decide how much is too much and what would make the biggest impact.

4. Pillars and Inflatable Signs

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your conference signs, try freestanding pillars and balloons.

Balloons work very well at outdoor weddings and can double as directional signage for events.

Inflatable pillars have lights inside of them that make nighttime receptions feel classic and relaxed.

Pillars often come in nine foot and 12-foot options. You should be able to customize the color of the light that's inside of them.

Even if it's windy outside, the balloons and pillars should have no problem remaining upright.

Talk to the venue and make sure that they're okay with you putting pillars and balloons outside. In rare cases, you may have to apply for a permit for outside signage.

5. Stickers

Everybody loves stickers, and event planners should think about branding with them. They're easy to include in take-home bags at conferences, they're more fun than pencils and pens and can be made with materials to allow them to easily be removed from walls and other surfaces.

Professional sign makers can help you design a memorable graphic to put on your stickers. Try to make sure that all of your event signs look like they go together.

You should have at least one big banner with your logo on it, and that logo should definitely be on any stickers that you create.

Promotional items like pens and notepads are great giveaway items for guests, but make sure you think about unconventional and unique branding items. The company helping with you graphics can help make recommendations.

6. Photo Opportunities

Having a dedicated space where guests can take pictures of themselves is trending for outdoor weddings.

Business conferences can also take this opportunity to provide a branded indoor or outdoor location for selfies.

Often, people attend the same business conferences year after year. They make friends and want to have a souvenir of their weekend.

Companies that specialize in conference signs can help you create branded selfie booths. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but a well-lit location with some clear branding would be ideal. Instagram frame props are also a great way to encourage your guests to interact with your social media pages.

If you're going to be taking videos of your guests, make sure that you have a professional backdrop.

7. Vehicle Signage

Nowadays you can wrap anything in a branded sheet of vinyl: boats, cars, buses. Impress your guests with a wrapped vehicle.

They can function as directional signage for events or act as a great photo opp. If you're interested in finding outside sponsorship of your event, vehicle wraps are ideal.

Sign making pros will need the exact dimensions of your car, boat, or bus. It's best to order all signage well in advance of your event.

Good event signage is all about wowing your guests. It doesn't have to be expensive, just look professional.

What you should look for is an event signage company that does its own work in-house. You want to make sure that your signage has a theme and that the colors and logos all match.

Where Can I Order Event Signage?

We're more than happy to work with clients for any sized event. Image360 provides the entire range of signage and we're proud that we don't subcontract out our projects.

Whether you're organizing an unforgettable wedding or a large-scale business conference, having the correct event signage is key.

Image360 can help you design a new logo, coordinate all of your visual signage and merchandising, and make sure that your orders are completed on time.

Before you order, take a long walk-through of your venue. Take pictures, take measurements, and keep a notebook of your ideas.

Once you have all the information gathered, contact us and we'll sit down with you to help organize your ideas. We're always excited to help.

Looking for custom sign or graphics option?